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October 2009

14 High Pesticide Foods You Should Buy Organic

October 27, 2009

To enable the consumer to be more empowered to make the right choices on buying organic or non-organic foods, here is a list of 14 fruits and vegetables that are the least or most contaminated with pesticides.

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Seven Keys to Living to 100

October 26, 2009

The human body was designed to live to be at least 100. Most of us have developed daily habits that limit our potential to living a healthy life to that of a centenarian. What matters now is that you take control from this moment forward. Stop the habits that are not serving you such as smoking, eating fast food, etc. and choose habits that your body will thrive on.

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Heavy Metal Poisoning

October 25, 2009

Everyone should be checked for toxic metals. The most common elements to test for are lead, mercury, and aluminum. See a doctor who uses “functional lab testing”.

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Mercury Tooth Fillings Are Poisonous

October 24, 2009

Mercury dental fillings contribute 2 to 3 times as much mercury to the human body compared to all dietary and environmental sources together. Review the latest battles with the FDA.

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Nail Salons and Chemical Health Hazards

October 22, 2009

Women who work in nail salons suffer acute health effects from the chemicals that they come in contact with each day.

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Household Cleaning Products And Allergic Asthma

October 21, 2009

A growing chronic health problem is allergic asthma and this can be linked to the chemicals in cleaning products.

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