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November 2011

Mercury is Toxic to Your Health

November 22, 2011

Mercury is a potent neurotoxicant and exposure during critical periods of brain development can contribute to irreversible deficits in verbal skills, damage to attention and motor control, and reduced IQ. Do you live near a Mercury Hotspot?

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Chiropractic Care Contributes to Optimal Performance

November 6, 2011

Chiropractic care is now used by professional sports teams to promote faster recoveries, reduced risk of injury and enhanced on-field performance.

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Overcoming Candida

November 1, 2011

In this webinar presented by Dr. C.E. Gant and Eve Colantoni, CHC, of the Candida Healing Institute, you’ll get all the information you need in order to heal your body from Candida.

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