Pancreatic Cancer Treatment Success

by Howard Jamison on April 23, 2011

Below are highlight comments from an interview with Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez and Dr. Mercola. Read his story to get a better understanding of what alternative and integrative medicine doctors have to overcome to get their successful treatment programs accepted into conventional medicine.

Dr. Gonzalez is a physician who is focused on the treatment of cancer with strategies that are really quite different than the traditional, conventional approach.

When a medical student, Dr Gonzalez had the opportunity to meet William Kelley, the very eccentric and very controversial dentist, who had been practicing alternative and nutritional approaches to cancer for some 20 years at that point.

He ultimately tracked down 23 cases of pancreatic cancer that came into Dr Kelley‘s office. Ten of them met him once, and never did the program. They were dissuaded by family members or doctors who thought that Kelley was a quack. The average survival for that group (and they proved to be a good controlled group of untreated patients) was about 60 days. The second group of seven patients who did the therapy partially and incompletely (again, they were often dissuaded by well-intentioned but misguided family members or doctors), their average survival time was 233 days.

The third group – there were five who were appropriately diagnosed, with biopsies, who did the program fully, all with advanced pancreatic cancer, and their average survival was eight and a half years. One of those patients lived over 29 years. It was just unheard of in medicine.

The president of Sloane-Kettering, Robert Good, couldn‘t get this information published because it disagreed with the philosophy that was being promoted in medicine, that only chemotherapy, radiation, or immunotherapy can successfully treat cancer, even though the success rate was abysmal.

The idea that medical journals are these objective and unbiased repositories of the truths about science is totally nonsense. Most of them are owned by the drug companies. They won‘t publish anything that disagrees with their philosophy. Their philosophy is drugs are good and anything that‘s against that is bad.

Eventually, the NCI allocated $1.4 million to do a study that was going to be run at Columbia University. To put it mildly, the research was sabotaged.

In October 2009, Suzanne Summers came out with her best-selling book Knockout, which was a book on alternative cancer therapies that sold over a million copies. I‘m so very grateful that she gave us her longest chapter, and I think nine of my patients are in the book with appropriately diagnosed disease, including two pancreatic cancer patients that have lived five, 10, 15 years since diagnosis.

Dr Gonzalez continues to see patients. The practice has never been busier, and patients have continued to respond. They treat all kinds of cancers. They‘re doing a book of about a hundred cases now, their own cases with patients with appropriate diagnosis. Now that they realize they can‘t depend on the NCI, the NIH, and the academic community to do the right thing, they‘re going to do it on our own, and put out a book with a hundred cases with the medical records, and keep up written case reports, just as he did for Dr Kelley, which was, hard to believe, 25 years ago!

He now tells people about the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) – I wouldn‘t send a dog to that group. They‘re not there to help you objectively investigate alternative therapies; they‘re there to undermine it. It gives the illusion that the government‘s interested in alternative therapies, when in fact that office is being used as it was in my case, to help undermine promising useful alternative therapies. So any alternative practitioner who wants to work with NCCAM, my attitude is you stay as far away as you can. Take the first train out of Washington and never go back.

Our program today has three basic components:
1) individualized diets,
2) individualized supplement programs with large doses of enzymes, and
3) detoxification routine.

It depends on the patient, the metabolism, the situation, age, sex, and all that. He looks at every nutrient in terms of who was this patient, the disease does he/she have, their metabolism, and their nutritional or metabolic type and incorporate it accordingly

Dr Gonzalez’s recommendations for general treatment strategies for cancer:

First thing is clean food. Food is the essence of our metabolism. Everything we are comes from our food. Every cell in our body is made up of things we get from our food. So food should be of the best quality whether you‘re a meat eater or a vegetarian – the cleanest food, organic food, grass-fed beef, etc. The cleaner the food, the better.

Than pancreatic enzymes, detoxification (coffee enemas) and exercise.

Making sure your body structure is in good working condition is also important, because your spine and skull house the nervous system. When your spine and skull are under stress, it puts stress on the nervous system, which controls everything from the top of your skull to the bottom of your toenails. If your nervous system isn‘t happy, no matter what you do nutritionally, you‘re never going to function well. So a chiropractic adjustment may be helpful.

The complete interview can be downloaded at the link below:

For further information about Dr Gonzalez, review his web site:

The above information should really open your eyes about what is really happening in the cancer industry!

For Integrative Medicine webinars on overcoming cancer, see: cancer webinars

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