Julia Ross

Julia Ross holds an M.A. in Clinical Psychology, as well as a California marriage and family therapy license. Julia is a pioneer in the field of nutritional psychology and a specialist in the treatment of eating disorders and addictions. She has founded and directed six successful recovery programs since 1980 in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Some of her favorite achievements include starting Northern California’s first treatment program for food addicts and the area’s first programs for drug-addicted adolescents and their families. Receiving a state award for her work with diabetes and addiction in California’s Native American tribal clinics is another of her most treasured achievements.

In 1980, Ross began hiring nutritionists to research the link between biochemistry, emotions, and addiction. By 1986 this exploration had led to the creation of an exciting new model of treatment that combined innovative nutritional therapy and holistic medical care with conventional counseling and education. This new model gave hope to the 90% of addicts of all kinds who were unable to sustain recovery through traditional programs.

In 1988 Ross founded The Recovery Systems Clinic in Mill Valley, California, an outpatient program that further developed this model, with a special focus on treating people with dieting disorders and carbohydrate addictions.

Julia Ross has written two popular books, Diet Cure and Mood Cure which are available at Amazon.

You can watch a 15 minute video interview I conducted with Julia Ross in the Members page. On the video, Julia talks about numerous issues including addiction, marijuana, and what people should do to have a healthy life.

You can learn more about Julia at the links below:

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Food Addiction Treatment Advocate March 21, 2012 at 1:52 am

It’s a good thing to know that we have warriors such as Julia Ross joining us in the fight against eating disorders and food addiction.

Food addiction is generally pyschological, mental, or emotional in nature, but its effects transcends to the physiology of a person. That what makes it dangerous; it destroys not just the mental health but the physical health of the person. Often times, it can even cause death.

A person suffering from an eating disorder should undertake food addiction treatment (http://www.charterdaycare.com/treatment/eating-disorders) so he or she can live a healthier and better life.

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