Coca Pulse Test For Allergies

by Howard Jamison on March 4, 2010

Allergy Pulse Test

Allergy means something far more important to your health and to the length of your life than you ever possibly imagined. It means more than hay-fever or asthma. It can also mean high blood pressure, diabetes, constipation, stomach ulcer, canker sores, headaches, mental depression, and numerous other possibilities . . . or maybe just “feeling tired” all the time.

Dr. Arthur F. Coca found a way to remove the cause of many illnesses. The diagnostic method outlined is fundamentally simple. It is based on the fact that allergens speed up the pulse so the procedure consists of testing isolated foods in order to tell which ones accelerate the pulse.

It is a very accurate way to test for allergies. To make it simple, check your pulse before you get out of bed. Then check it 30 and 60 minutes after each meal. If your pulse goes up 10 points or more when you are not exercising moderately, you are allergic to something (or in poor condition).

For more specific details about how to test for an allergy, read the PDF report available at the end of this post.

The most common allergens are wheat/gluten, milk products, eggs, citrus, peanuts, cashews, soy, fish and shellfish, yeast, chocolate and molds.

Allergies lead to inflammation, irritation and can cause or aggravate essentially any illness including chronic disease symptoms.

For instance the burning sensation known as “heartburn” may not be due to hyperacidity or other reasons, but to the allergic irritation of the lining membrane.

You may also be able to avoid the common cold by eliminating your allergies!

Because conventional doctors have been trained and conditioned to treat your symptoms with a pill, a “shot”, or the knife rather than to look for the real cause of your illness, they will have a natural and understandable resistance to embracing this “radically” different approach.

You will be amazed at some of the case studies that are presented in the report.

You may download this no cost PDF document here: Coca-Pulse-Test-for-Allergies.pdf

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