Baking Soda Health Benefits

baking soda health benefits

baking soda

Baking Soda (Sodium bicarbonate ) is probably one of the most useful substances in the world and it is no wonder the pharmaceutical companies don’t want doctors or anyone else to know much about it. Baking soda is an important safe “medicine” and it is essential when treating cancer, kidney and other chronic diseases. (Note: don’t confuse this with baking powder)

It is already in wide use and has been for decades, even by oncologists who do not want their patients dropping dead too quickly because of the tremendous toxicity of their treatments. Sodium bicarbonate is used routinely to keep the toxicity of chemotherapy agents and radiation from killing people or from destroying their kidneys. In relation to bicarbonate, millions of people in the world either consume bicarbonate ions in drinking water or have been treated clinically with bicarbonate in hospitals, medical centers, or emergency. Sodium bicarbonate helps to save countless lives every day.

Recently, a $2 million grant from the National Institutes of Health was given to the University of Arizona biomedical engineering researchers to improve the way doctors measure the effectiveness of drinking baking soda to fight breast cancer.

Most modern diets give rise to unhealthy acidic pH conditions. An imbalanced pH will interrupt cellular activities and functions to extreme levels as pH drops further. Excessive acidic pH leads to cellular deterioration which eventually brings on serious health problems such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and heartburn. The fact that the biological life functions best in a non-acidic (alkaline) environment speaks miles about the usefulness of baking soda.

sodium bicarbonate ebookSodium bicarbonate helps to save countless lives every day including cancer victims. Get your eBook copy today – click here >>>: Sodium Bicarbonate – Full Medical Review

This eBook is full of contributions from universities, hospitals and clinicians who have for
decades been researching and using sodium bicarbonate for many medical applications. This vastly expanded second edition extends coverage into important areas of kidney disease, diabetes, treatment of flu and the common cold, and other areas of general medicine.

Sodium bicarbonate is the time honored method to ‘speed up’ the return of the body’s bicarbonate levels to normal. Bicarbonate is inorganic, very alkaline and like other mineral type substances supports an extensive list of biological functions. Sodium bicarbonate happens to be one of our most useful medicines because bicarbonate physiology is fundamental to life and health.

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