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Natural Health

Magnesium Health Benefits

December 16, 2013

About 80% of Americans are deficient in the essential mineral Magnesium and this is a significant factor in many chronic diseases. Watch the video to learn more how important it is to health.

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3 Concepts of Aging

October 28, 2013

I originally met Dr Kenneth Pelletier when I worked for SyberVison Systems years ago. He was the first one I remember stating that humans should be able to live to 120! Now it does not seem so far fetched and I believe it. You can get books authored by Dr Pelletier at Amazon: Longevity : […]

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Bill Maher Talks About Drugs on the David Letterman Show

March 30, 2013

You may not agree with the views of Bill Maher but you may be surprised that he is really in to being healthy and avoiding drugs. Watch this excerpt of him on the David Letterman show.

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Disease in Seven Stages

March 11, 2013

Inflammation is one of the body’s defense mechanisms and is recognized by swelling, redness, fever, throbbing, irritation and a hot feeling all caused by acidic waste products that have NOT been properly eliminated through the four channels of elimination – urination, defecation, perspiration and respiratory. An acidic body reveals itself as one sickness and one disease in seven stages.

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Toxemia is the Cause of All Disease

March 9, 2013

Dr. John Tilden wrote a book in 1926 that stated without Toxemia there can be no disease! Man makes his own diseases. And he is the one who can bring back health. He and his subconsciousness alone can cure. Doctors cannot cure.

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The Cause of All Disease

January 22, 2013

Learn the truth about the cause of ALL sickness and disease.

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