The Smarter Science of Slim Book Review

by Howard Jamison on January 16, 2012

I was privileged to be offered an advanced copy of a book to review: The Smarter Science of Slim. The author, Jonathan Bailor, did an excellent job of reviewing massive amounts of research to separate fact from fiction regarding diets and weight control.

He stated: I have spent over ten years reading thousands of fat loss studies. Not gurus’ theories. Not what magazines say. Not what TV tells us. Not what marketers promote. Not what everyone else does. Not even the opinions of doctors whose specialties have nothing to do with fat loss. Only the proven data. Just the facts.

When I was Director of Program Development at SyberVision in the ’80s, our best selling product was The Neuropsychology of Weight Control and it was based on the “Set Point” theory. (see This book also talks about the set point theory but has gone another step beyond and brought new information to the table.

The author puts forth an interesting concept about “Hormonal Clog” and also the use of SANE eating and the quality of foods as opposed to inSANE foods.

Being smarter is the key to success. By eating more — but higher-quality food — and exercising less — but with higher-quality, we provide our body a unique combination of nutrition and hormones which reprograms it to behave more like the body of a naturally thin person. Our body starts burning — instead of storing fat.

There were a couple of “eye opening” charts he used to illustrate the profitability in foods and also how the tobacco industry is taking over the food industry. See the charts below (permission granted by the author):

Just by reviewing these charts it should put you on alert about the quality of food you eat!

I agreed with most of the material in the book. On page 200 he lists numerous protein sources including sea food and I think he should have added a disclaimer such as this: Check the research in your area regarding mercury in sea food (this is a major problem in my mind and some of the foods listed should not be included. Also, I recommend avoiding farmed fish). I usually only eat wild Alaskan Salmon.

All in all, this book is worth buying. I am sure you will learn valuable new information that can help your overall health. Click on the Amazon link to order.

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