Phentermine vs. Lorcaserin

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Phentermine is not the only anorexigenic drug approved by the FDA to reduce extra weight and to treat obesity. On June 27, 2012, the FDA approved the production and sale of Lorcaserin anorexigenic drug in the USA.

Phentermine and Lorcaserin are drugs, available at pharmacies by prescription only. These anorexigenic drugs are prescribed to obese patients with BMI 30 and higher. Phentermine and Lorcaserin diet pills can be prescribed to patients with excessive weight, if they have such diseases as type 2 diabetes, hypertension and excessive amount of blood lipids. These drugs must never be prescribed to patients with BMI lower than 27.

Phentermine and Lorcaserin medicines are meant for oral intake only. Patients should take just 1 pill of Phentermine per day. However, patients may take two pills of Lorcaserin per day.

Phentermine should be taken in the morning, because when you take Phentermine in the afternoon there is a high risk of such side effect as insomnia. As for Lorcaserin, it can be taken at different time of the day, since insomnia is not a common side effect during the therapy with this weight loss drug.

Phentermine and Lorcaserin are similar by the pharmacological effect. These drugs provide a direct action on the brain and the central nervous system (CNS).

Phentermine and Lorcaserin reduce the appetite in obese patients by affecting the serotonin level in a patient’s brain. These diet pills must not be used along with medications that can cause a significant impact on the CNS and that can change the serotonin concentration. Phentermine is only used for a short-term obesity treatment, for maximum of 12 weeks. Lorcaserin can be used for longer time. It is recommended to stop using Lorcaserin for obesity treatment, if there is no significant weight loss after 12 weeks of its use.

Officially, Lorcaserin is used for obesity treatment in the USA only for two years. So, there is no full data on a long-term impact of Lorcaserin on the human body. Phentermine was approved by the FDA in 1959. During this period, this drug was well studied. Still, this doesn’t mean that Phentermine is more effective than Lorcaserin for all the categories of obese patients.

Active substance Phentermine has a great influence on the heart work, increasing the blood pressure and heart rate. These are the most common side effects that occur during the use of Phentermine. Phentermine diet pills should be taken with caution by patients with cardiovascular complications. Clinical tests of Lorcaserin have revealed that this drug can reduce the blood pressure and the heart rhythm. This is one of the main differences between the pharmacological effect of Phentermine and Lorcaserin. Therefore, these medications are recommended for different categories of obese people.

Before using Lorcaserin, a patient should tell his doctor if he suffers from a slow heart rhythm, congestive heart failure, liver disorders or any mental disease.

Please bear in mind that any anorexigenic drug is effective only in combination with diets and intensive physical activity. Do not take Phentermine and Lorcaserin together and never change their dosage on your own.