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Arthritis Relief

Consider these facts…

* Arthritis affects at least 40 million people in the USA alone.
* Arthritis affects all ages.
* While the average age of onset is 47, approx. 3 out of every 5 people with arthritis are less than 65 years old.

What’s in this report for you?

You will:

* Discover alternative options available today for pain relief without drugs

* Learn about common and not so common forms of arthritis

* Learn about arthritic dietary and food planning

* Consider which vitamins and minerals aid arthritis sufferers

* Check out which nutrients and formulas work best for arthritis relief

* Learn the three main exercise types for all fitness levels and how to work them into your daily routine

And much, much more…

Order our latest research report, 76 pages jam-packed into an easy-to-read pdf format available instantly upon payment receipt, full of successful solutions that have been tried and tested. Author is Howard Jamison.

Feel better than you have ever been

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Mens Guide to Prostate Health

According to the American Cancer Society, prostate cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in men. Recently, it was estimated that nearly 220,000 cases were diagnosed, and that there were approximately 27,000 deaths due to the disease.

Most of these cases could be prevented by following the information in this special report.

It is surprising how little many men know about such an important part of their anatomy.

The prostate is an important segment of the male reproductive system. It is a gland that is located in the lower abdominal cavity, just below the bladder and behind the pubic bone.

A healthy prostate is about the size of a walnut, weighs approximately 1 ounce and is shaped similar to a donut.

Nearly every man will experience some type of prostate problem during his lifetime. Men who are over forty-five may experience an enlargement of the prostate. While this is not a problem in itself, it is uncomfortable and can be a forerunner to other more serious maladies which we discuss further in the eBook.

Contents include – with detailed illustrations:

* What is the Prostate
* Symptoms of Prostate Problems
* Diagnostic Testing (including new methods)
* Conventional Treatments
* Surviving Prostate Cancer
* Natural Health Remedies
* Sex After Prostate Problems

Every man over 45 needs this report. 80 page document in PDF format.
Author Howard Jamison

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NOTE: Each webinar is approx one hour and presented by Dr. Charles Gant and hosted by Howard Jamison (available as a download not on a DVD)

Dementia and Alzheimers Disease – 6 Part Series

Novel and intensive therapies to address the risk factors of the dementias and Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s may have many causes and “risk factors,” and treatment should be focused on the cause(s) or risk factors determined as much as possible by science-based, diagnostic technologies. Six webinars loaded with information.

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