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Integrative Medicine Solutions for Medical and Psychiatric Disorders

August 7, 2010

Functional and Integrative Medicine is becoming widely available and the once-expensive diagnostic testing is now covered by most insurance plans. The teleseminar will familiarize listeners with some of these technologies, as well as a whole new way of thinking about health and wellness, which will become mainstream as our education systems struggle to keep pace with a revolution in diagnostic science.

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12 Types of Stress To Eliminate From Your Life

November 30, 2009

The video – Stop Aging and Stay Well – identifies the 12 types of stressors that are at the root cause of all medical and psychiatric disorders, premature aging and death.

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Grand Unified Theory of Mind Brain Function

October 10, 2009

Information about Dr. Charles Gant’s new DVD: Grand Unified Theory of Mind/Brain Function.

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