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Energy in Medicine

March 10, 2013

Energy has many important applications to the understanding of health and disease. It helps us understand why one size can’t fit all in medicine. Each individual is a unique “tuning fork” in the orchestration of the human race. Functional Medicine is patient centered and individualized in its delivery.

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The Cause of All Disease

January 22, 2013

Learn the truth about the cause of ALL sickness and disease.

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Doctor Changes Lifestyle to Save His Life

August 12, 2012

I’m raving about how Dr Mark Hyman (MD) went from abusing his body by overworking, poor eating and sleeping habits and being very ill to outstanding health and one of the top doctors in “Functional Medicine” today.

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Magnesium is Crucial for a Healthy Heart

August 2, 2012

Most people, including doctors, do not know that magnesium is crucial for a healthy heart.

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Autoimmune Disease Psoriatic Arthritis Solved With Functional Medicine

January 16, 2012

Conventional autoimmune disease treatments are based on symptoms and not the cause and therefore rarely successful. Read about the 5 factors that cause disease and the psoriatic arthritis case study that was solved with functional medicine.

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Genomics and Functional Medicine

July 24, 2011

This webinar module gives an overview of the emerging field of Genomics and how routine genomic laboratory assessments may influence integrative, functional medicine now, and in the future.

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