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11 Safe Supplements

November 30, 2010

Eleven safe and effective supplements.

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Tamiflu and Roche Drug Company Deception

December 15, 2009

“Tamiflu has not been proven to have a positive impact on the potential consequences (such as hospitalizations, mortality, or economic impact) of seasonal, avian, or pandemic influenza.”

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Facts About Vitamin D2 and D3

November 19, 2009

Deficiencies in Vitamin D now show that there is a link to various kinds of chronic illnesses. Learn the differences between vitamin D2 and D3.

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The Importance of Vitamin ‘D’ over Age 65

October 6, 2009

Every year, people age 65 and older have a one in three chance of falling and within that figure about 6% will have a bone fracture of some type. As the population ages, it has become a public health concern and goal to educate seniors about the prevention of falling and vitamin D3 is an important supplement to take.

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